The Opinium Panel Charter

The Opinium Panel Charter

At Opinium we are proud of helping to support the biggest brands in the UK; helping them uncover new insights and understanding so they are able to revolutionise the services they offer.

We also take pride in facilitating the debate of the big issues dominating public debate, helping ensure the issues facing the UK are given the coverage they deserve.

Without the support of our members in providing honest and thoughtful answers to our surveys none of this would be possible.

We realise the importance of our members’ time and that we can’t take this support for granted. Our members tell us:

  • They like taking part in our surveys
  • They like being able to have their say on the topics affecting them
  • They don’t like taking part in long, repetitive and dull surveys on the same subjects

We are proud of our commitment to making participation in our surveys as rewarding as possible and make these promises to all members who join the panel:

In return for:

  • Taking the time to read our survey questions and providing thoughtful answers
  • Being as honest and accurate as possible when answering questions
  • Not sharing confidential information about new services or products featured in our surveys

We promise to:

  • Keep our surveys short, to the point and meaningful
  • Pay fair rewards for all surveys (especially longer surveys!)
  • Pay our members promptly as soon as you reach the payment threshold
  • Keep your personal information and data confidential

And we promise to design surveys that:

  • Are thought-provoking, to-the-point and easy to answer
  • Will let you give us your HONEST opinions
  • Will help you be heard – whatever issues are important to you we will give you the platform to be heard